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Each year we mount a show using all our pupils who each have at least 4 dances to perform.  Our themes differ each time.  All our dancers combine for the big opening number and then our juniors start off the show and end with their finale After interval we showcase our senior dancers who have their own finale to bring the show to a close.

In 2014 we used the concept of using old school music vs the latest music to provide an entertaining contrast of ideas.

Rewind Fast Forward

show 1
show 2

Our show in 2015 was based on using music that had been heard on screen, either TV, movies or YouTube. This gave us a wide choice of much loved music to work with.

This was our theme in 2016.  We produced dances starting with each letter of the alphabet.

show 3
show 4

2017 found our studio strutting our stuff with every possible dance style we could muster—and that came to 21 different styles.  And may I say that we did all of those with great style, hence our title “Styling”!

2018 show.jpg

Places to Go. People to See. Dances to DO.

In 2018 our dances focused on music containing the names of places and people—there are a surprising number of such songs.

2019 show - Iconix Poster.jpg

In 2019 we danced to music from iconic and well-known and famous artists to bring back fond memories of their greatness.

70 40 2020 Poster 1.jpg

Daphne celebrated her 70th year and the studio’s 40th anniversary by compiling a virtual show.  The dances were filmed in various locations, mostly outdoors and the footage was shared both on DVD’s and digitally. Even this old dog can learn new tricks!


After being grounded for so long—we are TAKING OFF!

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