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What We Do

Whether you would like to develop your dancing skills,  

or have never danced before and have always wanted to,

or just want to get fit surrounded by a great group of people,

our studio will provide you with exactly what you need.


Our dancers take part in a studio show every year to

entertain and delight their family and friends while having

a blast preparing for the excitement of performing.

These shows are highly professional but Daphne

does not sacrifice the joy and creativity of her pupils by

over rehearsing the items.

Dance exams are a great way to test and grow dance skills.

We offer an exam session twice a year in both modern and hip hop

styles under the auspices of the South African Body of Dance.

Pupils from the age of 4 can do exams and by doing the series

of exams, can qualify to become dance teachers themselves.



Meet Daphne

My Philosophy

“Take control of your body and

you take control of your life!”


Everyone has the right to dance, whether you have never danced before or have had previous training, you can grow and develop under my care, experience and patience.

I take beginners of all ages but am also qualified to train pupils to become dance teachers themselves.

My Qualifications:

  • B.A. from the University of the Witwatersrand

  • Higher Education Diploma from UNISA

  • Modern and hip hop teaching diplomas from the SABOD

  • Examiner and Director for the SABOD

  • Cape Town Administrator for SABOD

  • Director of Communications for the SABOD

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the WPDA

  • Member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO

  • I have been teaching dance since 1980.

Daphne Jubber
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