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Our studio provides the opportunity to train with the syllabus of the South African Body of Dance previously known as the South African Dance Teachers’ Association.  This association is the oldest modern dance association in the country and was formed in 1935. We  have the most highly researched and tried and tested syllabus in the country for modern, hip hop and tap.



From Creative Movement for 3 year olds up to the advanced teacher’s exam, we have 17 graded levels of exam work which combines jazz, contemporary, body conditioning, Horton Technique and Graham Technique to prepare a dancer to meet the most stringent professional standards.  However our exams can be a way to empower and impart self-confidence to anyone who wishes to get fit in a fun and interesting fashion.


Click here to download syllabus info.



From Step Up for 6 year olds to the teacher’s exam we have a range of 14 different exams which give the dancer an excellent vocabulary of basic and advanced hip hop styles. We were the first association in the country to devise a hip hop syllabus and this is constantly being revised to incorporate the fast changing aspects of hip hop dance.

Click here to download syllabus info

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