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Dance Years of Dancing: 2011 - present

Main Dance Style: Hip Hop


I’ve been an enthusiastic student at The Daphne Jubber Studio of Dance since 2011. I started my journey as a small, timid student trying out dancing for the first time to a fully fledged teacher after completing my Hip Hop Dance Teachers exams with SABOD in 2021. I’m most known for my group performances in the show with my dance crew, fondly referred to as ‘The Sisters’.

I was an avid competitor in the Cape Town National Championships from 2013 - 2016 for both small group and hip hop formation sections. Later moving on to competing in the

Dance Sport School League from 2019 - 2020, where I achieved my Dance Sport Half-Colours and a spot as a reserve on the Western Province Dance Sport Team. Throughout this time, I’ve had the pleasure of participating in various shows both under and outside of the studio.


The studio has helped me grow into a stronger, refined dancer and helped me develop a passion for the art form and helping other students to reach their dance goals. I hope that I can co to us to grow as a dancer and encourage those along the way to feel more confident and comfortable in their dance abilities.

“Do it big, do it right, and do it with style”

- Fred Astaire

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