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Welcome to our studio for this year. I am thrilled that you wish to be part of our dance
journey and I look forward to helping you develop and grow in both your dance abilities
and your life skills.

Our studio provides classes for a range of ages and stages and styles of dancers so do try out the various times till you find where you belong. Some classes consist of people of roughly the same age but most are a fun mixture of ages—dance is dance!



  • 46 Tiverton Road, Plumstead, 7800

  • Wynberg Boys’ Junior School, Oxford Rd

  • Micklefield School, Rondebosch

  • Rondebosch Boy Scout Hall


I teach under the auspices of the South African Dance Teachers’ Association, which has recently re-branded to the South African Body of Dance.

This is the oldest modern, tap and hip hop dance association in the country. We are the only association registered with the International Dance Organisation and our diplomas are recognized internationally.


Dancers who qualify through our competitions can represent South Africa at  international championships.

Our Association  offers thorough dance training based on an extensive syllabus which is updated frequently to include the latest trends while retaining the tried and tested methods developed over the last 90 years.



Modern Dance:  18 different grades ranging from Creative

Movement for Tiny Tots up to the Advanced Teacher’s

Diploma. This is based on classical technique but is

up to date, jazzy and creative and

incorporates  contemporary style as well.


Hip Hop:  16 different levels from the first exam for 5 year olds up to an

internationally recognized teaching diploma. This is the

latest form of dance and is fun, fast, forceful and funky

with the emphasis on style and attitude.

 You wear takkies to keep the bounce going and you let

loose with the latest dance moves.

Exam sessions twice a year

Studio show every year 

Dance workshops

Guest teachers

The Western Province Dance Association Showcase of Dance

The South African Body of Dance Provincial and National Competitions.


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