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Who is Lee-Shane?
I am talented young man with the passion for life without limits.
Relative to the dance world and the arts, I am a unique breed

of artist. I find it vitally important to acquire new skills in order

to create breath-taking works of art. I am continually finding

ways to reinvent myself, aligning my values and aspirations to

benefit my community. Freedom of expression is a gift I love to

share in all my encounters.

Dance journey

I am a versatile street dancer from Mitchell’s Plain. I have a deep

understanding of several street dance styles. I have developed

the ability to choreograph, pattern and teach various ages and levels of dancers together with imparting

the history and culture of each style. I have been dancing since the year2000 and will continue to learn

and grow.



Winner Dance Star South Africa 2015

Best Male Talent Dance Star Croatia 2015

Red Bull dance your style champion 2019

Bulasekele Champion 2022

Featured in movies such as Honey 3, Bring It On 6, House Party 5

Stunt work in series Raised By Wolves

Judge for the Dance Sport School League

Judge for SABOD competitions

Contributed to SABOD syllabus

Syllabus Advisor on SABOD Hip Hop Committee

“Train no matter what

and you will be ready no matter what.
Stay Elevating and Stay Ready”

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