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I’m a creative individual from Mitchells Plain who’s just trying to excel and break every barrier set before me, I’m a very versatile dancer from the streets I can do about 7 different dance styles that I’ve learnt throughout my 12 years of dancing and that comes with a lot of titles I’ve won. I started as break-dancer first and when I saw the different genres of dance, I was even more invested and just started taking in everything that I’ve seen from different dancers and

movies not long after I started learning the proper basics of each style and incorporated everything into my vocabulary making one of the most dangerous and versatile competitive dancers.

I’ve trained under big names in the SA hip-hop scene by the likes of Elgernon and

Angelo Van wyk(both members of black noise), Nathan Lodewyk (member of Brasse Vannie Kaap and Crazy hip squad), Lee-Shane Booysen (Member of You Know The Vibes).

I believe dance is a universal language I live by the mottos each one teach one, Ubuntu (I am me because of you) and iron sharpens iron. I’m always keen to just learn because at the end of the day I’ll always be student, I love sharing and teaching when it comes to my craft, I like to see everyone win or sit at the table. I belong to You Know The Vibes, Street Stylers and 2krewz in which each has played an important role in my career where one I started among friends, one strictly for

corporate events and one for more of long term family. In the next 5 years I’m looking at owning my own studio and to be able to provide a free space for dancers who doesn’t have access to studios like me.

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